Holy Cross

The organ of the Catholic parish Church Holy Cross, Würzburg was built in 1998. It is an Opus 1764 and was made by organ building company Johannes Klais, Bonn. The organ has 35 stops, which are distributed between the Great, Positive and Swell. It also has a suspended and mechanical organ action as well as a setting device. Being located in the gallery of Holy Cross church, the organ’s sound is enhanced as it reverberates off the wooden ceiling. As well as its dark red ornamentation, the Spanish trumpets in the facade are particularly eye catching. The instrument was designed and constructed by the master organ builder Dr Hans-Wolfgang Theobald, who comes from the parish.

Anke Willwohl an der Heiligkreuz Orgel
Anke Willwohl an der Orgel

St. Burkard

The organ of the catholic parish church of St. Burkard, Würzburg, was built in 2003 by the company Rensch who are based at Lauffen (Neckar). It is constructed as a two-manual instrument with mechanical playing action and electric stop action. The 25 stops are spread between the Great, Swell and Pedal. The organ’s facade is decorated with gilded diamonds set against a blue inner case. The organ’s solid wooden body is tall and slender. It is located at ground level and its symmetry blends perfectly, both visually and acoustically with the Gothic altar at the opposite end of the church.

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